I’m a 33 year old amateur adventurer living in Lincolnshire. I’ve been enjoying the outdoors since the age of 14 when I was inspired by a school teacher and joining the air cadets, although my parents climbed Helvellyn when my mum was pregnant with me, so you could say that a passion for mountains and hills was bound to happen.

I have a really busy work life, but who doesn’t, so when I can, I love to escape to the outdoors, even if its just for quick walk with Brando, the English Springer Spaniel who will probably appear quite a bit on these pages. I have solo walked and backpacked before, but I prefer going with someone, human or canine and have dragged a multitude of different family members and friends to the hills and mountains of England and Wales over the years.

I think I do what I do because I’m excited by the freedom, the space, the adventure and the people the outdoors brings. I know from experience as well that it can be a challenge, but that’s the thrill of the outdoors, the call of the wild. Whether its a quick stroll around the Lincolnshire Wolds, getting to the top of Snowdon (even on the train), or climbing Everest; each is an adventure in its own right, and these are mine.

Maybe one day I’ll climb Everest, but for now I’ll enjoy the adventures I go on and the challenges and thrills along the way. I hope you enjoy it, I know I will!

What you’ll mostly find me doing
  • Walking
  • Camping
  • Kayaking

  • Hiking
  • Exploring
  • Climbing

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